Why CitySmart?

We live in a day and age where there’s an app for everything. Apps that connect friends and apps that connect businesses. One of the most important things in each of our lives along with family, is our community. In each community there are thousands of small businesses constantly searching for ways to grow. Over the last 3 decades, advertising rates from traditional media has risen significantly, paving the way for social media. And now social media has become a more complex landscape as many businesses are not consistently able to reach their audience.

CitySmart is a community-focused mobile app development company that partners with local municipalities, chambers of commerce, churches, non-profits, and business associations to promote hyper-local mobile applications while saving small businesses over 50% on mobile marketing and advertising.

Our Vision


With the times we currently live in, safety is a hot topic and a rightful concern for families. Through CitySmart’s mobile app, we allow police departments, fire departments, and the like to communicate with area consumers. Our instant updates ensure the community is up to date on important topics within seconds.


Communication is the key to success for businesses looking to reach their customers. CitySmart gives businesses the ability to push notifications directly to the customers that are interested in their services. Customers also have the control to mute or turn off notifications on demand.


Did you know that 90% of the revenue collected by small businesses generally comes from consumers that live within an 8-mile radius. We want more locals spending money with local businesses. This leads to an increased tax base, more profitable businesses, better schools, infrastructure, and more

Our Story

Our founder grew up in a small town with a thriving small business market. During the ebb and flow of the economy, his city began to experience the closing of factories and all of the tough decisions that come with it. He slowly watched his hometown deteriorate. High unemployment led to high crime rates and high crime rates led to new business development in other nearby towns. Even as a teenager it was obvious that something had to give. Though there were additional economic reasons for the town shaping up the way it did, our founder made it his mission to find ways to help small businesses grow and thrive.

We’re Looking for Amazing People to Join Our Family

How We Work